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Michael Aditya

Michael has dedicated almost 20 years of his life to the field of artist management. He was an artist manager of ARA Musik Indonesia; Bragi, Ikke Nurjanah, Rendi Khrisna, Dominique Sanda among others since 1997 until his departure from the company in 2003, where he created Dua Arah Management, an artist management and event organizer company. He personally looked after Pop Islamic vocal group Patria 5 (2003- 2006), Atina (2006-2007), Venna Melinda (2007), pop group band Mozaik (2010-2011), Dangdut Artist Febrian (2011-2012). His current rooster: Lea Simanjuntak, Sophie Navita, Numata, duo jazz Bandanaira, Happy Salma, KSP.
In 2015, Michael was invited to join Volup Musik Indonesia as a Chief Content Officer. His main responsibility involved data management and label liaising.
Since May 2016, he has been working for to set up TALENTUM, a one-stop entertainment tech music startup platform, where his vision, passion for the entertainment/artist management and uncompromising work ethic played a major role in launching this unique company.

Esther Maulana

Esther previously worked for McKinsey & Company, JakJazz, founded Sayfestville, Panorama Live, and Volup where she mostly focused on strategic marketing sides of the lifestyle entertainment industry. Bringing her lifestyle entertainment marketing experience to bear, Esther is working to find amazing, organic partnerships and promotions for our talent/maker roster. Everything from long-term campaigns, one-off events, strategic alliances, and more! She also heads up bigger-picture marketing initiatives for our clients. From start to finish, setting up the aesthetic concept, help marketing/idea conception, promotions, advertising, etc.

Bobby Anugrah

Bobby Anugrah is the co-founder and head of technology department of Talentum Asia. Being in the IT business for 10 years as an IT Consultant, he has developed many websites for clients such as Neckermann, Unipex Logistics. He also developed internal ERP system for manufactures and retail companies. Over the years of his career in IT, Bobby also started several startup companies in different area of business. One of them is Ticktab Reservation, a web based hotel reservation for book hotels in Indonesia. In 2015 Bobby also develop a web based and apps for music streaming service by the name of Volup. Bobby graduated from Pelita Harapan University with a degree in Information System. He began working as a freelance web developer, and soon hiring some programmers until starting his own company.

Hana Ambar

Hana is a valued and trusted business partner. She works collaboratively with clients to achieve a common goal and has a unique ability to customize her approach to different personalities. Hana joins Talentum as a leading account management person. Prior to joining Talentum, Hana was a sales and marketing manager for Volup and Poca Media Group, where she managed clients accounts such as Bebelac, Kakaotalk, H&M, Pertamina, HP, Standard Chartered Bank, GE, BAT, Pertamina Oil, Intel Inside, Axa Insurance, Cigna Insurance, Sosro, Mizone.


Michael Aditya
Esther Maulana
Bobby Anugrah
Hana Ambar

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